Interested in Home Schooling? You've Come to the Right Place!

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Interested in home schooling? You've come to the right place!

Are YOU a new parent interested in home schooling your child? It's not an easy road, that's for sure--but it can be a fantastic way to take direct control of your child's education and development. I've been doing just this for my own three children for six years now, and I've decided that it's time to share what I know with the world. I'll be covering how to brush up on the subjects you might not be so hot at yourself, how to ensure your child receives the proper socialisation and how best to make learning fun for all the family--and much, much more!


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Features to Look for When Choosing a Corporate Sponsorship Program

Are you looking for corporate donation opportunities? Interested in donating money to a charitable cause, but not sure where to start? Luckily, there are a lot of programs seeking corporate sponsors. As you start to review different programs, you may want to keep the following criteria in mind. Reflects Your Beliefs When choosing a program for your corporate donation, you should look for a program that reflects your beliefs. For instance, if you're really concerned about the environment, you may want to pick a charity focused on that. Read More 

Safely Handling and Transporting Dry Ice

Dry ice is a substance used in quite a variety of industries, largely because of its excellent cooling properties. Put simply, dry ice is compressed and frozen carbon dioxide, which forms a solid product much colder than ordinary water ice. It's these super-low temperatures that make dry ice so useful. But it's these low temperatures that are largely responsible for making it a hazardous substance. If you're preparing dry ice for packing and transportation, it's important to know how to do it safely to protect yourself and others. Read More 

Do We Need to Learn to Drive Cars That Drive Themselves?

With the increasing prevalence of autonomous technologies in daily life, certain industries are changing at a more rapid rate than others. Self-driving cars are taking up a lot of the spotlight, with big companies like Google, Tesla, and Uber (as well as numerous traditional auto manufacturers) pursuing the development of autonomous vehicles. While the Australian National Roads and Motorists' Association concluded in a 2017 study that drivers' licences will eventually become obsolete, there's still a long way to go before robot cars are really in control. Read More 

Why Playtime Is So Important in Your Children’s Development

If you have very young children, you are of course concerned primarily about their safety and development. You will be looking at early learning programs and trying to ensure that your loved ones progress carefully and methodically through the education system. However, did you realise that playtime is equally as important when it comes to their overall well-being? What should you bear in mind here, so that your kids progress on all levels? Read More 

Answers to Some Common Questions About Confined Space Training

Confined space training may be legally required for your staff if they will be working in certain conditions, and it can be good to have them take this training if they'll be working in any hazardous areas, even if it doesn't meet the legal definition of a confined space. If you're in charge of ensuring that company workers are properly trained for various environments, note some questions you might have about confined space training, and then discuss your options and obligations with your local licensing board as needed. Read More